New Era of Video Editing

All media content is now shifting to video, video reigns supreme. Yet, editing videos can be a complex task, demanding high performance and expensive. A fast, user-friendly, AI powered and low-cost video editor is greatly needed. A great online video editor seems to be able to solve the problem, but unfortunately, previous online video editors aren't good enough.

Now, Chillin is launched to change everything.

Why current online video editors aren't good enough?

  • Watermark: Most online video editors require payment to remove watermarks. Nobody wants a business logo on videos sent to family and friends.
  • Export Limit: The limit of export is a big pain. You can't export a video with a resolution higher than 720p. You can't export a video longer than 5 minutes. You can't export more than 5 videos per month...
  • Lagging and Slow: Playback is lagging, undo&redo is lagging, timeline is lagging, exporting is slow,adding videos is slow, everything is slow and lagging.
  • No mobile support: Most online video editors don't support mobile or tablet, you can only just use them on desktop browsers.
  • Pay for basic features: Some basic functions, such as adjusting the duration of the animation, also require payment, which is annoying.

Paradigm Shift in Online Video Editing

Chillin redefines online video editing: 0 user pain, 0 downloads, and complete features.

  • No Watermark: No watermark on exported videos.
  • No Export Limit: Free exports up to 4k 60fps. No time limit. No video limit.
  • Fastest: The fastest online video editor. No lagging in playback, undo&redo, timeline, exporting, adding videos, etc.
  • Mobile Support: Full editing features accessible on mobile devices.
  • Complete Editing Features: Chillin has complete editing features like desktop software.

Editing Features

  • Dark Mode: Dark mode for better editing experience.
  • i18n: i18n support for multiple languages.
  • Fast and Advanced Timeline: Fast and advanced timeline with zooming and panning.
  • Keyframe: Keyframe animation for precise control over every detail.
  • Animation: Add animation to any element and customize the animation.
  • Multi Video Track: Supports up to 3 video tracks.
  • Effects and Transitions: Wide range of visual effects and smooth transitions.
  • Soundwave support Easily add soundwave animation to audio and video.
  • Export in different ratios: Export in different ratios like 1:1, 9:16, 16:9, 4:3, for different platforms like Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

AI Features: Powerful and Cheap

  • AI Caption: Add captions in seconds with AI caption and set amazing animations.
  • Text to Speech: Convert text to speech with AI voiceover.
  • Image Generation: Generate images with AI.
  • Cheap: All AI features are offered at prices up to 5x lower than competitors.


We continuously enhance Chillin by adding new features and fix issues, it would be honored if you can try it and give us feedback!

We aim not only to make Chillin the best online video editor but also the best video editor overall and inspire people to create amazing videos and share them with the world.

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