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Fastest, AI-powered, Lottie & Animated Svg supported, and No watermark, Create stunning content faster and easier than ever before

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Chillin is seeking to raise seed funding to accelerate development of AI video & animation editing, if you are interested, please contact at[email protected]
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The only one you need to create amazing videos


Chillin is the first online editor to seamlessly combine non-linear video editing and vector animation, just like combining AE and Pr in one
Path trimming, Path tracing, Gradient Keyframe, create stunning video with the magic of animation
Try below smooth animations and create your own everywhere

Fastest both for mobile and desktop

Export with no watermark

Full video editing features both for mobile and desktop, and Chillin is so fast that, in some aspects, it even outperforms native apps
Intuitive editing and previewing on mobile and touch screens with freeform canvas, no more limits on screen size
Export videos with no watermark up to 4k 60fps
Fastest Online Video & Animation Editor

AI powered

Transform creative process with AI — simplify every step with just one click
AI Caption
Generate captions for video or audio, support 100+ languages
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cute dog and cat
Image Generate
Generate high-quality images from text
Hello, this is the human like voice generated by AI
Text to Speech
High-end AI voice generation, human-like voice
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Short Video Generate
Generate short video from prompts with AI voice and caption by one click
Image one
Image two
Image Background Remove
High-precsion image background remove with AI for free

AdvancedKeyframein powerful timeline

Unlock your creativity with advanced keyframe – customize properties, define easing curves, and take your video and animation to the next level

Full video editing features

Caption editing

Import SRT & VTT or generate captions with AI, set caption animation to your next popular shorts!


Visualize audio with soundwave

Tone Adjust & LUTs

Apply LUTs of cinematic, vintage, and vibe

Transition & Filters

Shape & Text mask

More for you

Dark mode support

Full light/dark mode designed, switch to prefer mode and focus on project

i18n support

Support many languages such as
Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Latine, Nederlands,Português, 简体中文, 繁體中文

Workflow tools

Bunch of free workflow tools such as image compression, GIF compression to help with your design
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